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Le MaGie di Rosa Rivetto

March 23, 1943 a group of workers employed at a steel plant of Falck di Sesto San Giovanni in Milan, which today takes the name of MaGe and which at the time produced hot bolts, call for a strike against hunger, war and fascism which will undermine the alliance between Mussolini and Hitler. Thanks to the strikes of 1943, Italy will lose the war and Mussolini will try to escape to Switzerland, the city of Sesto San Giovanni will be awarded the gold medal for military valor and the workers of the MaGe will be deported to Nazi concentration camps.


Le MaGie di Rosa Rivetto is a tribute to the heroines who defeated fascism and whose memory is being lost today.

Inspired by the American icon Rose the rivet which narrates the employment of women in the overseas war industry while men were employed in the great war of 1945.

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