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Human Borders

by: Roger Ranko


Title: Confini Umani (human boundaries)


Year: 2019


Technic and materials: recovery railing, cleaned of old paint with a wire brush, cut with flexible, hand-bent, electrode welded, older screws that were used to anchor the train tracks to old wooden sleepers, cleaned with a wire brush and electrode welded , more bridge axle recovered from failure of a construction site, cleaned with a metal brush, plus colored resin recovered from photo shoot.


Dimensions: P x A x H cm.: 52 x 70 x 85


single work: yes


Description: the idea comes from my photographic work "1999 slide for Human Borders", where I talk about the need for men to shut themselves up behind bars to defend private property. The sculptural work "Human Borders" is the action that transforms the bars of a voluntary imprisonment into a chair that will serve for comparison, common sense and discussions about the attitudes of this society, with the aim of realizing projects that favor the achievement of the 17 goals of the UN to be achieved by 2030. Reviews and criticisms: the work was created on the occasion of the Cittadellarte - Fondazione Pistoletto meeting to be held at the MACRO Asylum Museum of Contemporary Art in Rome on the occasion of the REBIRTH FORUM ROMA 2019 from 24 to 26 January 2019, therefore not have never been subjected to publications or criticisms. Today the work is present at the Forum hall at MACRO Asilo di Roma, Via Nizza 138.

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