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The project wanted by Giorgio De Finis and Metropoliz who, in order to defend the right to housing of the citizens of the world, transformed the former Fiorucci factory in Via Prenestina in Rome into a Museum of Contemporary Art .. the MAAM Museo dell'Altro e of the Elsewhere Metropoliz. 

Among the very first works carried out there was a rocket over 5 meters high, this rocket was used by the participants in the project to leave for the Moon, once they arrived on the earth satellite, the displaced people understood that for biological reasons, they would not managed to survive, consequently with the same rocket they returned to Earth, in via Prenestina in Rome. The rocket was exposed for years in the square of the former factory, until a storm destroyed it. For this reason I decided to create a new missile, smaller, more compact but with a strong artistic impact, a missile made with materials discarded by others to symbolize the need to review the economic and productive agreements of the countries of the world, to reformulate the thought of hospitality of the man, breaking down the wall of fear of the different. 

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