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The Magic of Rosa Rivetto


I traveled on foot for 10,000 km, without presuming to find an answer at the end of my journey, but having the awareness of making a journey of discovery .

Today I talk about the society in which I live by questioning and waste, at first collecting, more rediscovering the selective necessity that today distinguishes my atelier and finally, transforming these scraps into narrated works with a strong emotional impact.

The relationship between man and nature is at the center of my path, a path that for years has thrown me into media indifference and that today makes too much noise to be part of it,Therefore I distinguish myself in a silent message, poor in prejudice and rich in example, an example that starts from my lifestyle, absolutely stoic for the current times.

Creating the art, I discovered the strength of its language and the need to use a resistant material that knew how to dress the time, it is iron with its mineral origins that are often the protagonists of my work.

The intent is that my works belong to the future, a distant and uncertain future, but capable of evolving by our choice. My work belongs to that choice that unifies men under the same value, under the same will, of respect for life, of all life

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